“Death threat” from Ukrainian media against Austrian Russia experts

On August 13, 2022, under the „insane“ title „Crimea collaborators disseminate statements by Austrian Nazis“, there was an extraordinarily inflammatory article against Patrick Poppel, who repeatedly referred to our medium as a Russia expert and geopolitical analyst, as well as a connoisseur of Crimea and the Caucasus regions is available.

Apparently, these Ukrainian hate activities on the Internet are by no means subject to European hate speech and fake news censorship.

„European controlled“ organization based in Paris

The so-called „Association of Reintegration of Crimea“ is, according to its own statements, „a network of organizations, activists and structures from different countries that has set itself the goal of solving the Crimea problem fairly and sustainably“.

In this case, it can be clearly assumed that the West’s cited “Crimean problem” will undoubtedly be solved in the long term with its support (see the organization’s location in Paris).

With regard to the „activists“ listed in the „self-definition“ of the association, one has to ask oneself, in view of the blatant „death threat“ in their article, whether such „activists“ should also be seen as „executive bodies“ of the same threat are.

The Austrian citizen Patrick Poppel, who was threatened in this way and who was in Crimea several times and also worked as an election observer there, was now apparently targeted by „Ukrainian heroes“ of a special kind. The people of Crimea had voted by an overwhelming majority in a referendum in 2014 for an „union“ with Russia.

Furthermore, Poppel was involved in various humanitarian projects with schools and orphanages in the Crimea, also in terms of international understanding.

Organization operating in “civilized” countries?

The following „self-definition“ of the organization, which also operates the internet medium on which the article appeared, allows a „deeper“ look into the structures behind it.

„Our association operates in many civilized countries around the world and we offer to contact our national entities or partner structures to collaborate on specific issues.“

The definition of „civilized countries“ does not really have to be questioned either, it seems clear that Western power pullers are at the helm of the execution. In the course of the Ukraine conflict, the mention of “national units” also acquired a special smack, from which the absurd accusation that Poppel was a “Nazi” could possibly be better explained. As is well known, the saying goes, „just as the rogue is himself, so he thinks“ and as is well known, there is always a grain of truth in popular wisdom.

Interestingly, the „Terms and Conditions“ of the online medium of this „shady“ organization also states, „The author is responsible for the content of the materials presented“. In keeping with the orientation and the hair-raising, factually devoid of any, clearly inflammatory fake news article, no author of the same is named, obviously so as not to be held accountable or prosecuted.

The „fake registration address“ of the organization is not surprising in western sanctioning France (Paris, 14 Avenue de l’Opera, 75001) and not in the Ukraine, that it is quite obviously a PO box address does not have to be explicit here be mentioned. At the address given by the organisation, no fewer than 666 companies are listed.

The so-called „Mirotvorec list“, named after a Ukrainian website, has been in existence for years and was set up in 2014 after the „Maidan“. The name Patrick Poppels had already been on this list.

The website’s death list contains the names of tens of thousands of people, which is not only an invasion of privacy, as it contains personal information such as date of birth, address, and passport details of the people on the list.

The name of Hungarian President Viktor Orban has also been on this list since May 2022, which appears to be in no way a hindrance to the EU and its urgent desire for Ukraine to join. Some of the people on this list have died on Ukrainian territory in recent years under unexplained circumstances.

Attached is the translation of the Ukrainian „Hetz article“ and the associated link. However, our editorial staff (“with wise foresight”) reserved the right to save the “bundle” separately, since it could be assumed that in the course of our reporting, the article from the Ukrainian “quality medium” could be deleted.

Particularly noteworthy is the author’s last sentence, which, in our opinion, amounts to the aforementioned „death threat“.

The decision of a number of European countries to stop issuing visas to the aggressor’s citizens and acts of recognition of Russia as a terrorism-funding state by a number of civilized states, notably Latvia, were encouraged by the Kremlin, which traditionally caused a wave extremely painfully received relevant disinformation.

In order to fulfill the corresponding instructions of the Russian special services, the Crimean collaborators are also „actively in action“ and have begun to spread the criminal statements of the attacker’s old agent of influence, the Austrian citizen Patrick Poppel. In particular, „Crimean media“ are now spreading his false „position“ that allegedly „many Europeans are willing to spend their holidays in Crimea“ and that allegedly „European shops“ are „suffering“ from the impossibility to sell Russian goods.

In fact, it is extremely difficult to imagine “European tourists” willing to rest in occupied Crimea not far from the front line and next to the suddenly exploding military bases of the Russian occupiers. It is also difficult to imagine at least some “Russian goods”, without which it was said to be “difficult” for Austrian business.

We wrote about Poppel’s criminal actions in 2021, noting that this person is an Austrian neo-Nazi known for his direct ties to ultra-radicals Konstantin Malofeev and Lev Dugin of the attackers who controlled the Russian “ Suvorov Institute” in Vienna. Whether Poppel is a fan of painting like his ideological role model Hitler is not clear, but it is clear that the outcome of his Nazi career will be similar.

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